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Friday, 26 March 2010 16:13
Web Design

    At DGS, you can order professional design or redesign of your personal website, the website of your company, or the website of your own client (subcontracting order).
To build a website, we create 100% custom-made website template first and then, using it, build all inner pages. We can either use one template for all pages OR one for the title page and another one for the inner pages (for example, public area / members area).
That way, all pages of your site have a solid, professional look. The use of the template also allows you to easily update your website.
Making your website, we extensively use the Cascading Style Sheets technology, saving the information about almost every editable page element in an external CSS file. Updating only one line in this file, you instantly update all pages of your site.
It's important to mention that, unlike other web design companies, we offer professional website development at a very reasonable, fixed price (see below). Plus your website can be designed in either classic style, or freestyle:
CLASSIC Website Design
This is a style of corporate websites that features mostly straight lines, right angles, relatively low amount of graphics (often in a header only), white background color, etc.
FREESTYLE Website Design
The free style means an original webpage layout and more complex HTML structure, in comparison with the classic style. Its design requires more "creative power" and HTML coding efforts.


    Ad banner is an interactive online advertisement in the form of a graphic image with a clickable link that typically runs across the top or bottom of a advertising, or is positioned in a margin or other space reserved for ads. Click the images above to see the complete banner sets designed by us for our Clients.
Many ads are animated GIF files since animation has been shown to be more effective. The standard ad banner is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. There are also 120x60 px, 120x120 px and other sizes.
High-quality advertising banners are very important for the successful promotion of your website. DGS offers the design of static ad banners in GIF, PNG or JPG formats and animated banners in GIF format (we can also create Flash banners by making the text animation enriched with various special effects).
Our advantage is the fixed prices on design of any small, standard and large banners. All banner within their category designed for the same price.
SMALL BANNERS include any graphics with width or height up to 120 pixels (88x31, 88x70, 100x30, 120x60, 120x90, 120x120, etc).
STANDARD BANNERS include the banners with maximum width of 468 pixels (125x125, 180x100, 140x60, 140x200, 468x600, etc).
LARGE BANNERS include graphics with width or height larger than 468 pixels: leaderboards (728x90 pixels), skyscrapers (120x600, 160x600, 150x750...), and other images having large square.
Our standard prices on animated banner design implies the design of a banner consisted of 2-4 keyframes and a number of auxiliary frames creating a transition, movement, special effects, etc.
A keyframe is frame of animation containing an unique graphic object (i.e. a banners showing 3 different products contain 3 keyframes).


Logo Design

    The logo is a combination of characters and / or some graphics creating a single design, used to identify a company or a website.
Paying for a logo design is well worth the money, because it's a question of great importance for any company to have a professional looking corporate brand, a unique ID that differs the company (or website) from its competitors, projects its image, promotes company awareness and clients loyalty.
We can design a brand new, original logo for you or redesign (improve) your current one. For example, we can make it more modern, more stylish, add some symbol or a mascot, add some effects (like 3D look, chrome shine, shadows), etc.
We can either create your logo ourselves (using your preferences, of course) or use your ideas. In that case, it will make our work much more effective and, most likely, speed up the design. In both cases,
you retain all rights to the finalized logo once payment is accepted.
The ready logo is provided in any file format of your choice: raster (PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD) or vector (AI, EPS).


Photo Restoration

  Among other photo manipulations we offer a high-quality correction and improvement of the photo Among other photo services, we offer a professional restoration of old (black-and-white or sepia), dirty, and damaged photographs. We can recover discolored pictures, images with scratches or blemishes, photographs with creasy or lacerated edges, completely lacerated photographs, as well as those with partially missing images. As a result, your pictures would be as close to the originals, as possible.

The high-quality restoration of the damaged photos is one of the most complex photo manipulation works. It implies the highest level of image editing skills. It's also a very laborious work taking a lot of time, because of a large number of operations required (color gamma adjustment, brightness and contract adjustment, spot "healing", background reconstruction, object reconstruction, etc). Often it require a pixel-level image editing. But the result is worth it. Take a look at the marriage photo above. Such photos are invaluable!

The complexity of a photo restoration or reconstruction depends on the overall image quality and the square of those areas, where an image is totally or partially missed. The factors affecting the overall quality are: the yellowing of paper, image discoloration, creasing, quantity of noise, if a photo is crumpled, etc.

The missed image areas, in their turn, can be small or large. The small ones are the scratches, lacerations, cuts, holes (made by nails or, say, burnt by cigarette). The large ones: cut-offs, burnt areas, blurred areas, stained areas, areas damaged by spilt liquid, etc).

The quality restoration of the photos with large missing areas takes much more efforts and time, and therefore considered complex. It's especially difficult to reconstruct the "lost" parts of a human or animal body, or the parts of the objects having a lot of small details.

Fortunately, almost everything is possible, when you deal with MAGIA! The use of professional graphic editing software and special repair techniques allows us to "recover" virtually any photos. Moreover, we offer this photo restoration service for a very reasonable price (of course, keeping the highest quality of work).


Template Deaign

    The website template (HTML site template) is the most important element of any web site; it's a basic page, the framework of the site. The template sets the look and HTML code for the whole website.
The major advantages of ordering HTML site template(s) are the cost and the time. For a fixed cost you get a high-quality, custom-made HTML webpage and all you need to do is to make the inner pages of your site by changing the content of your template.
In professionally designed websites each page is built on same template, only content area is changed (text info, images, etc). The base of website (site template) usually remains unchanged. Most of websites use either same site template for all pages, or one template for a title page and another one for the inner pages (for example, one template for public area and another one for the member area).
Making website template, we extensively use the Cascading Style Sheets technology, saving the information about almost every editable page element in an external CSS file. This file is a "heart" of your future website. Updating one line in this file, you instantly update all pages of your site.
It's important to mention that, unlike other web design companies, we offer professional website template design at a very reasonable, fixed price (see below). Plus your website template can be designed in either classic style, or freestyle.

Graphics to HTML

    If you have a graphic layout of your webpage (multilayer Photoshop PSD file) and you need to make a HTML webpage (website template) from it, you can order such PSD to HTML conversion at MAGIA.
The result of our conversion is a webpage (website template), visually identical to your graphic layout. Besides, we extensively use Cascading Style Sheets technology saving the information about almost every editable page element in the external CSS file. This file will be "a heart" of your future website. Updating only one line of the CSS file you instantly update all pages of your site.
We can also create a webpage using your graphic layout saved as a single-layer graphics (PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc). However, as far as it takes much more time, we charge an additional fee for this service.
The graphics-to-html conversion is the only our service that require an advance payment (upfront money). We are forced to require a prepayment to protect the result of our work (ready HTML page).

Website Maintenance
    Obviously, if you have a website, it is necessary to constantly support, update, and promote it. It's also necessary to protect your website from spam and spy bots, leeches, and offline downloaders.
You can do it either yourself (if you have a time for this laborious work and certain web design and webmaster skills) or you can order the professional support and update of your website at MAGIA.
As a result of our website maintenance, you will save a lot of your valuable time and your website will always...
- Be up to date due to periodical news and content update;
- Be protected from the unwanted visitors, leeches, bad bots, etc;
- Look professional due to error-free operation;
- Have greater traffic due to periodical search engine submission;
- Be more profitable due to our special SEO techniques.
We will be glad to take care about your website 7 days a week. And it will not cost you arm and leg. Our service costs only a fraction of salary of a webmaster working on a full-time basis, while your site is supported by our professionals having 10-year working experience.