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Can i have a business website up and running within 5 days? , 3 days? or even 1 day?

Yes,  With DGStudio you can. get a quote now! 

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Monday, 29 March 2010 03:14


E-Commerce, Shopping Carts

DGS has tremendous experience in developing complete e-commerce solutions for companies and independent artists In Vietnam - and throughout the United Kindom.  We have developed a number of unique shopping cart systems for clients to meet the speciffic e-commerce needs of their business.  We are also one of the only web design firms that has developed a shopping cart system to meet the speciffic needs of artists and crafts people.
Secure, User Friendly, Reliable

Our shopping cart and e-commerce solutions are secure, easy to use and reliable.  All of our shopping cart and e-commerce solutions utilize the latest encryption technology supported by web browsers and server side.  A shopping cart is only of use if it is easy for your customers to use and just as easy for your employees to use.  DGS designs COMPLETE e-commerce systems.  Our shopping carts have a front end that your customers see and a complete administrative back end that allow you to easily control your products, inventory, customers and orders.  In order to deliver effective and realible e-commerce and shopping cart systems, we build all of our solutions on proven, industry standard design Technology.
Shopping Cart Solutions

All of our shopping carts include the following features:

  • Custom designed website
  • 2 drafts and 2 reviews of the design of the website
  • Searchable store catalog
  • Category menu
  • Product gallery page
  • Checkout page
  • Customer Account Page
  • Customer Shipping Profile Page
  • Email notification system
  • Administrative order management system
  • Administrative product management system
  • Administrative product gallery system
  • Administrative customer management system
  • Paypal web payments pro credit card gateway integration
  • Transfer or Registration of your domain name
  • Up to 10 email addresses

All of those features are just standard features!  DGS can offer you a lot more depending on your needs.  Call or email us today for more information or a free proposal.